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Chronology and Updates
Chronology and Updates
Daily feed of regulatory news and sanctions list changes
  • Links to updates from numerous regulators and jurisdictions.
  • Sanctions List changes: Summary of added, removed and changed entries and sanctions regimes affected. Available for U.S. OFAC SDN, EU, UK and UN Consolidated Lists. Additional coverage available on request.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly Intelligence Summaries.
  • All entries filterable by releasing country, releasing authority, date and category.
Sanctions List Profiles
Sanctions List Profiles
Analysis of global sanctions lists from OFAC SDN, EU, UK and UN
  • Check when a consolidated list or regime has changed and see numbers of added, changed, removed entries.
  • Check and compare current figures of sanctioned parties, broken down by type of entry (individuals, entities, vessels, aircrafts), including AKA
  • Open list or search mask of the regulator website.
  • Filter sanctions lists by authority, sanctions regime and geographic focus
Global Source Directory
Global Source Directory
Central repository of related research sources
  • Comprehensive collection of sources and links considered relevant for sanctions and export control
  • Filterable by source type (governmental, commercial and other), releasing country, geographic focus and more
  • Helps to conduct sanctions research complete, consistent and compliant.
  • Living document and updated on a regular basis
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Premium Platfom Access
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Premium Platfom Access
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Powerful bundle of all available elements of sanctions-intelligence[.]com
  • Chronology and Updates: Daily feed of regulatory news and sanctions list changes
  • Sanctions List Analyses: Analyses of Sanctions lists from OFAC SDN, EU, UK and UN
  • Global Source Directory: Centralized repository of related research sources
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