Background and Features offers information about global sanction lists and their characteristics as well as information about relevant service providers in this field. This database is designed as a tool for practitioners in the areas of sanctions and embargoes, AML, KYC and other Anti-Financial Crime areas.

  • Repository of sanction lists and their characteristics:
    Overview of global sanction lists (with breakdown on sanction programmes level)
  • Update tracker on latest developments for selected lists (daily):
    Information on numbers of new, removed or changed entries (including meta information on amended data fields)
  • In-depth sanction profiles for impact assessments / strategic analysis:
    Number of sanctioned parties per list and their country affiliations.
    Helps to compare sanctions programs, to analyse potential gaps in sanction filtering and to calibrate sanctions screening systems.
  • Directory of relevant commercial products and services:
    Links to commercial databases, software products and service providers. is a subset of the Global Compliance Research Directory (GCRD).

In the course of this project, profiles of additional lists from various jurisdictions will be made available on this platform. Statistical sanction analysis and snapshots are conducted on selected programs and on a regular basis, based on primary data from the cited official websites and processed with GCRD methodology. These are preliminary figures only, methodology is under development and subject to change.

Please note that does not offer sanction lists for download.
If you wish to use sanction lists for screening purposes, you may download these lists directly from the respective releasing authority. You can find download links for numerous lists on this website. Otherwise please refer to one of the seasoned commercial providers of sanctions- and watchlists. Some of them will be included on this platform as well.

The Founder and the Global Compliance Research Directory (GCRD) were invented and founded by Dr. Pascal Ditté. The founder has long experience in the areas of sanctions/embargoes, AML/KYC, due diligence, forensics and related compliance and Anti-Financial Crime topics in financial services and industry.