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Sanctions Updates
  • Updates of most important lists
  • Overview table of recent changes
  • Delta comparison tool
  • Selected regulatory updates
  • Regularly updated
including program level

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Updates of the last 90 days

Delta Comparison
including program level
Additional lists on request

Additional updates

Delta Comparison
Global List Profiles
  • Knowledge database of numerous sanctions lists/programs
  • Overview and detailed profiles: Accessibility, formats, search options and much more
  • Updated on a regular basis
Selected sample profiles only >130 sanctions programs profiles

Involving lists above and beyond
>130 sanctions programs profiles

Involving lists above and beyond

Individual lists on request
Service Providers and Tools
  • Directory of sanctions-related commercial offerings
  • Software products, data/list vendors, advisory services etc.
  • May contain sponsored content
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News and Analyses
  • Regular analyses
  • Topical analyses
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Topical analyses
Regular analyses

Topical analyses

Tailored analyses
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  • User acceptance policy and current developments in Russia and Ukraine
    • Please note that we reserve the right to accept or refuse account requests.
      For example with regards to requests from certain origin or registration with anonymized user data.
    • Following the Russian attack on Ukraine, we have decided to limit working with Russia-based or Russia-affiliated parties and carefully check each request on a case-by-case basis.
    • We know that not all Russian people support the Russian war against Ukraine. And we look forward to a time when Russia can be welcomed back in the international business community.
    • However, in the meantime, we do not in any way knowingly support or enable the Russian economy or government or their related parties by providing our services.
    • Our position on this will be reviewed on a regular basis and reassessed as required.