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Global sanctions lists: Comparison by numbers

Brief analysis of major global sanction lists in order to compare the number of entries and recent developments since January 2018, covering:

  • U.S. Dep. of Treasury OFAC: Specially Designated and Blocked Persons (SDN) List

  • UK HM Treasury OSFI: Consolidated List of Targets

  • EU External Action Service: Consolidated List of Sanctions

  • UN Security Council: Consolidated Sanctions List

Current status quo

It is not surprising that the largest number of sanctioned parties is listed on the U.S. OFAC SDN List, which included 7.345 entries in early December 2018. But the volume in relation to the other sanction lists is remarkable: The OFAC SDN list contained roughly seven timesof the entries on the UN List in terms of primary names (1.093 entries). And more than three times of the number of entries on the EU Consolidated Sanction List (2.124 entries) respectively UK HMT Consolidated List (2.137 entries).

At a glance: Selected global sanction lists compared (Data as of Dec 05 2018)

Developments since January 2018

Between January 01 and December 05 2018, the number of OFAC SDN sanctioned parties rose by 1.371 entries to a total of 7.345 entries, which is an increase of 22,9%. In the same period, the changes in volume of the other lists were much lower: UK HMT List +4.9% (+100 entries), EU Consolidated List +4.1% (+85 entries) and UN Consolidated List +2.8% (+30 entries).

The reasons for this big difference between the US OFAC SDN List and the other sanction lists are to a large extent connected to political factors. Also, when comparing sanction lists, it is necessary to look at the details in order to avoid oversimplification of complex issues, to take structural aspects into account etc. However, the differences are remarkable indeed - and the recent trends in terms of listing quite obvious. Plenty of room for additional strategic analysis.

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Numerous sanction programmes involving US OFAC SDN and Non-SDN Lists, Consolidated Lists of European Union, United Nations and United Kingdom HMT and other lists.
Data analysis for selected lists available. Further lists to be added in the near future.
At least every 24 hours for automatically monitored lists. Higher update frequency for these lists possible on request.
Date/time reflects the date of data retrieval from the website of the respective regulator.
Primary name of listed party and additional names/identities (Alias/AKA), which also includes spelling variations. Analysis subject to list structure/availability. In the case of the EU List, the total number of names was considered, minus the number of unique identities in order to calculate AKA figures and comparable results.
Classification according to the respective sanction list. Please note that several lists categorize by 'entities' and 'persons' only (such as EU list). Vessels for example are not explicitly mentioned in these lists, however single vessels were included in the number of entities in the past.
Country affiliations of the listed parties by address, carrier flag, citizenship or other data, based on analyzed information from the respective sanction list.